Our locations

Residential Summer Centres

Typical age range: 8–12; 10–16; 12–17

Kings’ Residential Summer Centres offer all-inclusive programmes on the campuses of some of the most exclusive educational institutes in the UK and the USA. English lessons are combined with regular, fully-supervised excursions to many exciting destinations and a variety of sporting and cultural activities.

Our locations have all been selected for their outstanding facilities, attractive surroundings and secure campus environments. All meals and accommodation are provided, with separate residential facilities for boys and girls.

Vacation Extra Centres

Typical age range: 14-17

Our Vacation Extra programmes take place at Kings’ year-round centres in London, Bournemouth, Oxford in the UK and Boston in the USA. English lessons are combined with a variety of activities, some of which take place off-site. Designed for teenagers, the programmes here allow for more individual freedom, yet still within a safe and secure environment.

Accommodation is provided at an off-site student residence, or by carefully selected host families located nearby. Students who opt for this type of programme are allowed to make their own way to the summer centre.