Maria, Bath (Downside) Accommodation & Welfare Manager 2018

"I would really love to tell you my story about my experience working with Kings, starting from the beginning and how I found the company — it was by mistake!

After a bad experience working with another summer company, a friend of mine told me she was going into another camp. I decided to look for it and searched on Facebook and clicked on the first one that appeared, not noticing that it was not the one that I was looking for but Kings Summer!

I was offered a last-minute position as House Parent. I remember I was super scared as I had never worked as a House Parent before, but from the beginning I felt a lot of support and guidance. It was such a great position and I will never be enough grateful for the confidence that they put on me.

Working for Kings has helped me to develop a great confidence, as well as enabling me to realise that I can do things I never thought I could do! Kings continued to show me how much they take effort and hard work into consideration by offering me to be Accommodation and Welfare Manager. I thought I was not ready for such a big responsibility, and once again they trusted me and gave me all the required support. I loved the position up to the point that I really look forward to coming back into it again!

Kings is not only a summer job to me, but also full of great experiences and anecdotes, a lot of fun and strangers who became friends and even a family! To be honest, it was the greatest mistake ever!"


Accommodation and Welfare Manger, Bath (Downside), 2018 
House Parent, Bath (Downside), 2016 – 2017

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It is hard work but I cannot recommend the experience enough
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