Alvaro from Spain

"For me, this camp has been one of the best experiences of my life. By far it has been the best camp that I've ever been to. I've loved all excursions and activities we have done, I still remember trips I made the first week as it was yesterday. Of all the camps I've been to, this was the most sociable and where I learned more English. The people of this camp, including the teachers were lovely. If I can afford it, I will definitely come back."

Alvaro studied at ourĀ Malibu Residential Summer Center.

Other testimonials

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I'm happy I did this experience
Massimo from Switzerland »
Students were taught in a fun way..
Group leader Zoya Daramilova »
Thank you very much wonderful Farringtons team ..
Group leader Aigerim Ramazanova »
If you want to learn English in an interesting way, go to Bath Downside Kings Summer
Nadezhda from Russia »
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The feedback we got from the students was all praise
Alena Popovskaya from Russia »
I met people from all over the world
Fernanda from Brazil »
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I am on the Intensive Academic so I don't have activities but the lessons are not boring at all..
Denis from Russia »
This campus is very big and beautiful
Tulio from Brazil »
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Everything was very professionally organised
Group leader Denis Kolesnikov »
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We are sad to know it is almost finished and we all want to come back next year..
Julie from France »
I loved the Pepperdine campus, where you could always see the ocean
Lia from Switzerland »