Enjoying a bird's eye view from Bournemouth's Big Wheel

Enjoying a bird's eye view from Bournemouth's Big Wheel

Kings Bournemouth Vacation Extra students enjoyed a view with a difference last week! Activity Leader Joanna reports back.

On 19th June, the students were walked from school to the Bournemouth Big Wheel — located in the heart of town and standing more than 100 feet tall — where they had the opportunity of seeing the stunning panoramic views of Bournemouth and the beach from end to end.

As students are encouraged to speak English, they had been placed in randomised groups of five, formed of different nationalities, and a member of staff in each group. Each student had a turn on the wheel, with the wheel spinning twice.

One of the students had been out of her comfort zone as she had a fear of heights. As a collective, other members of staff and I encouraged her, reassuring her that everything would be OK. It was a lovely feeling when she had finished her ride on the wheel, and had a smile on her face — these little things make our job worthwhile!

Overall, we had a strong response from the Kings Summer Bournemouth students of how much they had enjoyed the experience and they would like to take up the opportunity again, if they can do so, in the near future.